Interventional Oncology Treatments

Interventional oncology is a rapidly expanding subspeciality field of vascular and interventional radiology that uses targeted minimally invasive procedures performed under image guidance to diagnose, treat and/or relieve the symptoms of cancer.  

Modern cancer care encompasses the 3 pillars of medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology.  Interventional oncology can be readily combined with these 3 pillars to: 

  • treat tumours that may not be accessible by other treatments
  • supplement other therapies to provide comprehensive cancer treatment
  • assist patients in managing cancer-related pain


Common interventional oncology procedures performed by our Specialists include:

A) Biopsy – using CT and Ultrasound guidance for cancer diagnosis. 

B) Cancer Therapy Access – this includes the creation of temporary portacath insertions and PICC lines placement for cancer patients to receive chemotherapy without the need for repeated needle pricks as well as prevent damage to hand veins.

C) Drainage procedures – these procedures use catheters to drain excess fluid and help relieve uncomfortable symptoms for cancer patients who may suffer from fluid retention as a side effect. 

D) Tumour Ablation – this involves using minimally invasive techniques  to treat tumours or alleviate symptoms. Examples of ablation procedures include radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation and cryoablation. 

E) Tumour Embolisation – this involves targeted therapy being delivered directly to tumours sparing healthy tissues and reducing some side effects. Examples of embolisation procedures include chemoembolisation, radioembolisation (selective internal radiation therapy [SIRT]), DC beads chemoembolisation and bland embolisation. 

F) Vascular interventions – this involves the use of minimally invasive techniques to place stents, stop bleeding and block the flow of blood to and from tumour tissue to support chemotherapy and radiation therapy response. 

G) Pain management therapies – here injections and blocks can be used to provide relief from cancer-related pain.

Our Specialists will be happy to work with you and your oncologist to determine if you are a good candidate for interventional oncology treatments. 

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