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Treating Carotid Artery Disease: An Overview of Treatment Options in Singapore

Carotid arteries, vital vessels in your neck, supply blood to your brain and head. Carotid artery disease occurs when these arteries narrow due to plaque buildup, mainly fat, cholesterol, and calcium. This condition can lead to blockages, potentially causing strokes. While symptoms might not manifest until severe narrowing occurs, signs like a distinctive sound on

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Revealing the Latest Innovations in Carotid Artery Disease Treatment

Overview of Carotid Artery Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Risk Factors The carotid arteries are located on either side of your neck and supply oxygenated blood to your brain from your heart. These vessels can become narrowed or blocked due to plaque deposits caused by atherosclerosis (fatty deposits in the walls of the arteries). When this

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