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A Comprehensive Approach to Lymphoedema Treatment: A Vascular Surgeon’s Perspective

The Importance of the Body’s Lymphatic System The lymphatic system, often referred to as the body’s “sewage system,” plays a fundamental role in sustaining our overall health and equilibrium. It operates as a vigilant regulator of fluid levels within our body tissues, efficiently collecting and transporting excess fluids that escape from our blood vessels. This

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Swelling Leg Treatment, Singapore

Diagnosis and Treatment Options What you may recognize as a swelling leg or a swollen leg is a common condition called lymphoedema. This condition is brought about by the accumulation of lymph (lymphatic fluid) in a certain part of your body, most commonly your arms or your legs. This fluid is what causes the swelling,

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Swollen Leg: Why do I have it and What can I do?

Why you might need swollen leg treatment, Singapore. WHAT IS IT?Leg swelling may be caused by a condition known as Lymphoedema. This is a condition where swelling occurs in the body tissues due to the accumulation of lymph, which is a fluid consisting of proteins, salts, fats, white blood cells and water. Lymph circulates throughout

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